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Hand-Poured Crayons - WIP

Hello awesome designers!

I'm new here and thought I'd get stuck in straight away.

I've been working on branding for a small home-made crayon business called Doodleland. The crayons are poured into a huge variety of moulds which in turn creates their iconic shapes. No doubt I will create more characters in the scene based on the actual crayons but take a look at where I've got to so far. Any feedback (good or bad) is appreciated.



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Er... I don't see any crayons or doodles or any illustrations produced with crayons.

It would help if we knew what your brief was.


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As a picture, it's nice and kid-friendly. But what is this specific image for?

If it's a rough concept, it's way too finished. Spend more time sketching ideas and leave the computer for later.
If it's the finished logo, then how does it look without the background imagery and characters and would it look as strong without them supporting it?
If it's for packaging, where's the rest of it?


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Hi Daniel

Welcome to the forum.

You could have a lot of fun with this logo. At the moment with the illustration removed essentially the logo is black with a white outline with no personality?

Maybe explorer wax molding and try and produce something that has some relevance.