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Grrr clip art!!

ok guys

As you can see I'm very new! I'm just going in to my second year of my degree.

I can't help but have that typical " my work isn't good enough feeling" when looking at my work it looks very flat and reminds me of "clip art" does anyone else get this? If so how did you change
I had this ALL the time while in school, but I kept pushing on and asked for feedback on my work at every possible chance!! I learned from all the that feedback and I also dug my nose into every website, book, and article that referred to graphic design just so that I could stay up to date with all the latest trends (STILL DO). Just give it time, these feelings are normal. Also, I enjoyed to design competitions just to keep myself challenged.
I'll put some of my work up tomorrow if that's ok guys.

I've been working with a marketing agency over the summer as a work placement for uni but he's offered me a job full time whilst I'm not at uni and said he's happy to continue when I finish my degree so it must be ok