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Grimm's Fairy Tales - Penguin Design Award

Hey =)

I just looked down the forum and realised someone else has done a post for the same brief but thought i'd post my design and wondered if anyone could give me feedback please =)

Brief: 'Students are invited to design a whole new cover look for this classic, in order to reinvent Grimm's Fairy Tales for a new generation of readers, encouraging children (and adults) to revisit it time and time again, and ensuring that it remains an integral part of childhood.'

I decided to focus on the idea of each story within the book giving a small glimpse into another world and used papercraft to create three small worlds representing three of the best-known stories within the collection, as well as the backdrop of a paper forest, before creating the final composition in InDesign. I also took into consideration the dark atmosphere and originals of the stories and tried to recreate this atmosphere within my book cover. Not sure if I played it too safe but I'd like to think the way I created the imagery was imaginative, reflecting the magical nature of the book.

Sorry if the image is a little small =s Any feedback would be great! Thank you! =)