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Greetings Cards Designers...


Senior Member
Ive also worked on greetings cards in the past, completely different in style from typo I would guess.
My work is rooted in graphic design and image manipulation rather than the illustration style that typo specialises in but I guess only you know what type of style you are after. PM me if you are interested.
Possibly not quite what you're looking for but I have done bespoke wedding stationery in the past. The handmade cards sort of stuff with individually printed inserts for the invitations. Oh and I do tend to make all my own Christmas cards.

Hi all,

Sorry for the delay, we are looking at the development of PersonalisedCards.co.uk which does what it says on the tin. We would be looking at working with designer(s) whom can offer a range of greetings cards designs which can be personalised with text or possibly adding photographs via the website etc..

A very competitive area but we own a very good domain and development experience.