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Great designer needed for (hopefully) interesting project


Junior Member
Hello, I've joined this forum in the hope of finding a talented designer for a new project.
I have tried the usual routes ODesk and such like but to no avail.

I will be looking to engage during the first week of November. I would love to have the designs finalised ready for coding by December, although I appreciate that beautiful creations take time.

Without giving too much away here I am launching a dating site. Although I really don't want 'yet another' site. I want it beautiful. It will consist of two parts. One, the portal - the only focus here is the user journey to conversion. The site subscription will be highly competitive. The second part is the logged in area. However, think console rather than members area. BBC, Google, Bet365 etc.

Overall design budget is between £800 and £1000 : Can be structred as deposit + staggered payments at agreed delivery stages if needed.

I am putting together a full brief which will be ready by Monday 24th. In the meantime it would be great to hear from anyone (UK based) who is interested in the project and has an existing diverse portfolio I could take a look at. I don't want a template, nor a rehash of an existing site. I want this to become a standout product in what is a highly competitive marketplace. It would be great to incorporate some video and if this is an extra resource then that's fine too.

Personally I've been in marketing (online in particlular) for far longer than I care to remember. Have worked in a number of industries from retail through to online gaming. I know the drill & always try and treat suppliers with respect and courtesy.

Happy to answer PMs although if any questions you feel a relevant to all feel free to post them and I'll do my best to answer.



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Hi, thanks for the message and getting in touch. I am looking for something custom rather than a template and I'm not sure that you read the initial brief above correctly as I am looking for a dating site not a casino.
More than anything however I would really prefer someone based in the UK. Thanks for taking the time to write though.


Junior Member
Hello, I have found someone for this project from this forum, thanks to all those that expressed an interest.