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Graphics Tablet....


Senior Member
Hey all,

I bought myself a graphics tablet a few months ago; an aiptek 1400u.

I have to say I'm really happy with it (although I was a bit skeptical having not heard about the brand) as it does everything it should do and well...

Has anyone else used or own any of their stuff?
At school we were given wacom bamboo fun tablets. They were nice, portable, and somewhat small. However, they're also cheap, running about $100 and so I was thinking of picking one up for myself. They come with the tablet, pen, and a nice laptop mouse.


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The aiptek is only about £90 It is about a4 sized workspace and has a cool macro key function for shortcuts, I'm not sure if other tablets have this or not..?



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I would be interested to know what you guys use your tablet for, do you use it all the time for all functions or just specific tasks? I have a tablet but hardly ever use it. If I want something to look hand drawn I tend to draw it on paper, scan it then trace it rather than draw it on the tablet.


When I worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers we had massive A3 tablets and we used them all the time for all the functions :) was very cool :) would do it again if I could afford a nice A3 tablet and had a desktop machine :p


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I use mine at home for almost everything, I find it most useful for cutting around portraits etc when not using the path technique...

I've heard they are an essential tool for 3d modelling and animation though.
Yup I use my Wacom A6 Graphire 4 so much I've worn out the pen!
Just ordered a new one so happy days.

I started off with a Graphire 2...£15 off eBay.
I actually prefer the pen with this model, it's slimmer and easier to hold.


Staff member
news to me too. I can see the benefits for use with a program such as mudbox (ie a clay type modeller) but for my software 3ds max and solidoworks I use a mouse and a space mouse (3d navigation thing). I'm not even sure there is support for tablets in 3ds max?

I have got a tablet (intuos3 a5 wide special edition in black :p) so may see how it works but I'm still doubtful that it would be essential.