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graphics tablet for illustration


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so, im really (strongly) considering getting myself a graphics tablet.. I've never used one before, but have always pondered over getting one to try to add a little more of a 'hand drawn' touch to my work.

Wacom Europe GmbH - Products - Bamboo - Overview

this is one that I'd had in mind - anyone use this (or one like this?). The price seems pretty decent for a first one. BUT, can it be integrated well with illustrator/photoshop?

any advice would be lovely.



I did some research into this a while ago as I wanted to get one too. The Wacom Bamboo was actually one of the strongest contenders until I actually read some in depth reviews on it. I came to the conclusion that this is basically the kids version, and if you want to get one that's going to do the job properly you'll need to look something in the Wacom Intuous range, if not better, of at least A5 size.

I never did buy a graphics tablet and I don't claim to be entirely knowledgeable about this area of computer equipment, just thought I'd share my findings.


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Intuos is usually the defacto choice for graphics tablets... whether you need one is another matter, some people just don't like tablets as they do take a little getting used to.

The bamboo range is pretty much an intuos 2/3 with touch (we're up to intuos 5 for reference) minus the tilt and/or rotation sensor on the pen that the intuos has iirc.

You should still be able to produce good work with it, typo seemed happy enough with his. It really does depend on if you'll use all the features of the intuos.

Personally I have the intuos 3 and I find I use the airbrush pen more than the others, it just suits my requirements in photoshop more than the main pen...
Hi, Yes I found and still use a Bamboo Pen and Touch.
I also have an Intuos 4. Get the Bamboo it works fine with Photoshop and Illustrator.

Just remember that getting a graphics tablets does not make you a better drawer. It's a tool.


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thanks for the feedback guys - i've just ordered that tablet. the price was reasonable enough (compared to a lot of the others on the market) and i figured as an entryway, its pretty good.

Typo - don't worry, i wont be utilising it as a cowboy tool and thinking that i'll become the dogs b****cks with this.. its merely just a toy to utilise on my own personal projects, to see where it leads me!
I've got the bamboo pen and touch in medium, I think the complete tablet size is about that of A4 and I love it. Use it for all my design work and it helps to clean things up massively. The software drivers that come with the bamboo seam to pass on pressure information onto illustrator and Photoshop. There are also little pen icons now within Photoshop and illustrator where I can adjust angle start, mid and release pressure (don't remember seeing them prior to installation)

Hope that helps a little


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Have to say I have the Bamboo and it is a great addition to working and speeding up your workflow in Photoshop and Illustrator. Well worth investing in the best you can afford, but dont feel your getting shortchanged by only spending £70.


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Does the Bamboo have tilt sensitivity? Not that I use it, just looking for differences between it and the Intuos.