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Graphic designer needed for long term arrangement

Discussion in 'Partnerships' started by Place of design, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. Place of design

    Place of design New Member

    Graphic designer needed for long term arrangement

    We are seeking the services of a self employed graphic designer. A company I do a lot of work with is looking to build a working relationship with one idividual, and retain them long term as projects and the needs arise. In the immediate sense I understand there are some POS jobs and magazine advertisments to complete

    We really need someone who is doing this for themselves, full time, as opposed to someone who does it in thier spare time

    We need the designer to:

    * Be able to answer the phone / take enquiries in normal office hours
    * Be comfy with creation of designs for RETAIL POS meterials
    * Be comfy with product box type of design
    * Be able to provide stunning magazine advertisments, both in terms of impact, and selling
    * Have a unique modern up-to-date flare. Finger on the pulse
    * Be able to steer and develop a visual cororate identity that is recognisable and consistent across print, adverts, pos, web etc..
    * Understand how design impacts on conversion
    * Be able to layout / typeset documents such as manuals and short catalogues
    * Be able to create the odd web graphic / advertisment
    * Be very reliable
    * Have some commercial and retail understanding. The point of bringing a designer on board is to improve the companies presence, conversion and image. The company is evolving into supplying retail a s well as having an established online presence

    Preferable skills / qualities

    * Understanding of the photographic market, or at least photography. We can bring the designer up to speed on this

    UK. Posible preference - Lincoln/Hull/Bradford/London (that's where we have our very occasional meetings) but anywhere in UK will be fine

    As a sidenote

    I will occasionally be using the designer we choose myself on different web projects. We can make a secondary arangement regarging this. So general graphical web design knowledge will be a big bonus

    How will this work
    I will look at the portfolios, and speak to all of the designers. I will then refer the best to my clent, who will also have a discussion about the business and fees. My clinet is very loyal, I expect this to be a very long term relationship. The fees are kind of irrelevant at the moment, as a team, we just need the right person on board. I envisage jobs will come in batches, and you will agree a fee at the start of each job, however be prepared to quote a standard price for the usual tasks as an indicator

    With regards to my relationship with the designer we choose, it will be the occasional ad-hoc job, which you may quote me for on a job to job basis

    We have a professional commercial photographer on board. The designer will be able to collaborate with him and request a shoot for any photography required. I.e. be able to provide a working brief /sketch

    Do you fit this bill?
    If so please post in this thread - a link to your portfolio, and call me at my office.

    Thanks for looking
    Place of design
    Specialists in e-commerce
    0115 845 8953
    Website design - Professional photography
  2. sweetums

    sweetums Member

    Very interested in your requirements. I believe we tick the boxes. Heres a link to my portfolio.
    Will give you a call as requested,

    Kind regards,
    Love Creative UK
  3. deepinthought

    deepinthought New Member

    Hi There

    I think we may be able to help you. I would be keen to chat with you further about your requirements. In the mean time feel free to take a look at our portfolio.

    Big Ideas

    Kind Regards from Deep In Thought
  4. blackonwhitedesign

    blackonwhitedesign New Member


    I would be able to help you with this. Please check out my portfolio at BlackonWhite

    Many Thanks


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