Graphic Designer making the London to Scotland move


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I was wondering if anyone had experience of making the transition from London design life to one a little more Scottish (Glasgow/Edinburgh)?

Having spent almost my entire career in London (18 years this year) I'm a little concerned that the job market is not as robust as it is down south. I have been casually looking for the last few months at the job market and it does seem flat - added to this jobs seem to be at the less experienced end of the market and/or salaries seem very low even for jobs that are outside of the London bubble. As I'm ramping up looking for a work to make the move I've noticed that the problem I'm facing is threefold - my current location, my current salary level and my years of experience.

I wonder if anyone here has advice on how to circumnavigate the problems of location, experience and salary (without telling too many lies!) and are there any excellent resources you may know of in terms of Central Scotland jobs?