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Graphic Designer for Club Flyers/ Artist Logos


I am looking for a designer to produce flyers and artist logos. Immediate payment via paypal will be made for each piece of work deivered.

The first task is to create a dj logo labelled "Andreas Ash" that will blend well with the website www.dj-ash.co.uk

Future flyers will need to be at this standard level: http://www.greek-con...flyerlondon.jpg

Budget is quite limited but there is scope for recurring work and recommendations to other clients as we have a big network in the london club scene.

Best regards,


Senior Member
Hi Andreas.

Every client will always say "Budget is quite limited". It's usually a better idea to specify at least a rough figure you have to work with. Please could you edit your post with a rough figure that best describes your budget for the work you wish to be carried out so that I and others can express an interest in working with you.



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I do hope you missed out a zero in your budget, Andreas.

You mention that you'd like a logo for yourself. Logo design is something that takes time and skill to produce. That in itself is around the £300 mark for most professional designers if not more, especially since you would retain all rights to use the logo for further promotion and further profit with no recompense for the designer. I myself quote £360 with a choice of three unique logos and reasonable revisions. A flyer or poster will cost £115 with a choice of two designs with reasonable revisions.

Please understand that a designer needs to be reasonably compensated for the work carried out in exactly the same way in which you expect to be paid reasonably to be hired for the night or to remix some tracks. With respect, your prices are nowhere near reasonable, even with "scope for recurring work" which is something that many designers have heard time and again from clients. Even with that promise fulfilled, recurring work at an unfair price is still unfair.

Please consider raising your budget for serious offers from the professional designers on this forum.

ok, i am not aware at all on how much you guys will charge. My prontaprint designer who is a professional designer would charge me at most £80 + vat for this piece of work so I thought something along this lines would be reasonable.

I will have to think about my personal logo then and i will get in touch with my colleagues to discuss how much we can pay for flyers..

but to be reasonable if you charge £300 for a logo - why would you charge £115 for a flyer which is even more complex?


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Hi Andreas.

Your Prontaprint designer charges you that because Prontaprint is set up to get you in the door and out again as fast as possible. That's no disrespect to them, it's just what they do. There's an old joke which comes to mind:

Fast, good, cheap - Pick two.

Incidentally, if you're happy with the Prontaprint designer, what made you come here instead? If Prontaprint is giving you what you want, then what made you stray?

A logo is just as complex (if not more) as a flyer/poster or indeed any form of design. A logo is more than a quick digital doodle. It's a well thought out process that takes into account what exactly it's going to be used for. As mentioned, my own price for a flyer is £115 and therefore lower than my quote for a logo because I consider logo design to be a more complex process and most designers would agree.

I'm totally happy to discuss this more with you if you'd like. I'm online right now on Skype (2:51am) if you'd like to chat. My username is theworkof.