Graphic Design Workshop


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WOW!! Has it really been a year since I asked about interest in a course, teaching the foundations of graphic design?! Time really does fly. Thanks to everybody that got involved in the conversation.

I'm glad to say the online workshop will start in September.

Each week, we'll be looking at a different topic, from generating ideas, to target audiences, working with type, layout & everything in-between.

The workshop will be live online. No pre-recorded tutorials, so you can ask questions and interact with your fellow students.

The workshop is going to be really small. There's only 6 places available, so each student will get individual attention. It's going to be hard work. At the end of each workshop, we'll dive into a project & discuss the work we've produced, the following week.

Expect the crits to be brutally honest but you'll learn loads and it will change the way you approach design forever.

Here's a more detailed look at what you'll learn. Get in-touch if you have any questions.