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Graphic Design Resources?


Junior Member
Hey all,

As a newbie to graphic design I wanted to know what good sites on the internet have resources available for downloading symbols, tools, brushes etc for indesign, illustrator and photoshop etc?

Theres so many sites out there on the web however I'm sure some people here can point me in the best direction for elements to use in my designs :)

Thanks all!



What area of Graphic Design are you focusing on?

My favourite resource is Google - they've got access to literally everything! You should check them out; Google ;)


One of my favourite sources is: WebTreats ETC

But in all seriousness, there some really good blogs out there that deal with this very issue, rounding up the best content for people to use.

Just a tip for the future, something which I didn't think about when I first started using textures and stuff, make sure you organise your resources and only load what you need for a project or you will end up a with a photoshop that takes ages to load and hundreds/thousands of disorganised files which need to be grouped in what ever way you feel is best.