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Graphic Design Portfolio Update

Hi guys, i've updated my portfolio on the website, it now includes the majority of work that i did whilst on work experience back in the summer. Once again, i'm asking for your opinions on my work and any improvements i could do in order to present a stronger portfolio for my university interview.

I've also taken advice on-board and have recently been sketching/re-designing local companies' logos, in order to attempt to strengthen my work. "Easy Therapies" is the company that you'll find on my webpage.

Here's my page: My Portfolio - Luke Davies Graphics

(I've exported a few letterheads from In-Design into JPEG's and the margins are a bit messed up on the bottom for some weird reason, just incase someone thinks i've done something wrong haha)

Many thanks, Luke.


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Hi Luke, this is just my first impression, but I don't think the blurryness of your main image sends out the right message. If you're using it as your main branding image, is the first impression you want to give possible clients about yourself and your work that it is blurry and unfocused? That's what it shouts at me. And I'm not a fan of the abbreviation of "graphics" to "GFX". It looks immature and isn't really needed.

But even more importantly, on some of your logos based on your initials, using the lower-case L makes it look like "Id" as in "identification" or the psychiatrical term "Id". If you're making a logo to brand yourself with, it needs to communicate clearly. Using your initials is fine, but make sure people don't mistake it for something else entirely.

As far as the work goes, number 2 is nice, reminds me of the PS3 background. I rather like number 6, although it puts me in mind of a TV brand logo. I also think, with some work, 7 could be rather tasty too. I would dump 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12, as they don't communicate anything and are just images that look like... well an old tutor of mine once said it best: "Photoshop Masturbation" ... basically filter overkill with no content. They work fine as experiments to practice your skills, but they don't say anything about your communication abilities as a graphic designer. Number 36 could be developed further into something rather nice.

Keep at it though mate, I know I've flagged up quite a few criticisms there but you're doing some nice work. Make more of the good stuff and trim the fat. Good portfolios tend to be less "war & peace" and more "short & sweet". Hope some of this has been helpful.


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still no hand drawn/sketch stuff like I said the last time....

and you know you could have just followed on from the last thread...