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Graphic Design & Photography


I'll be sorting out a serious portfolio soon, ultimately I want to be a graphic designer but I also have an interest in photography so could potentially offer this as a service. Is it a good idea to combine my photography service alongside a graphic design website - or should it be kept seperate in your opinion?

Any opinions are appriciated! Thanks.
Hi, at what stage are you...school, college, Uni, working?

I would keep the two separate but I guess you could offer as addition service.
Best of luck to you.
I'm at Uni at the moment doing a Computing degree. But after realising the techy side of computing aint for me I'm going to be switching to "Creative Digital Media" this september.


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I don't think there's any harm in combining them since the two often intermingle anyway. Just make sure you have a strong portfolio in both individually.


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There are so many areas of design, and so many areas of photography so it's going to be tough to 'specialise'.

I would think that it'd be best to concentrate on your design, and try to improve photography skills you'll need as a designer... i.e. Product Shots, Still Life... look at creativity in photography too, if you are a designer it will help you create images in camera and lead you away from heavily 'shopped' imagery which, unfortunately, we all have to deal with at some point :)