Graphic design pens/markers


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Does anyone know any good online stores based in the UK where I can get quality markers? Everywhere I've found is either big, chunky markers or they're for drawing manga.

I'm looking for ones for wireframing and am trying to follow this article - Tools for Sketching User Experiences | UX Booth

All the links are to American stores and I can't find any equivalents in the UK.



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I used to use a lot of Letraset markers.
But these days not.
I remember when the airbrush attachment came out....everything was airbrush for a week or so.
But these days not....
I still use Karismacolor coloured pencils...nice.


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houseofdeadleg said:
Have you tried Cult Pens? Not sure what hey do marker wise, i know they have loads of types of Sharpies, etc. It's where i get all my pencils.
Fantastic website, they even have the markers in the article I linked to! Thanks a lot.