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Graphic Design in India

Hi all, looking for some advice on a few topic areas for my dissertation.

I'm trying to look at design culture and attitudes in India, and research into why the focus of design in India is not on solving their social and economic problems.

I have a few queries I'm tackling at the moment...
What do graphic designers in India see as their country's social problems?
What literature is available in these areas?
Defining the social problems faced by India
Who can participate in primary research?
European views on design vs. Indian views

It's a bit wishy washy I know, but I need to get something from this; perhaps in the direction of design and social responsibility

Will be very thankful for any help on this, thanks.


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The questions above would be exactly the same it you changed the words Graphic Design for any other job in the world which to me, says that what you want to know about is the social and economic climate in India and are loosely hanging it off the design industry to fit a brief? Are you hoping that there are some members of the forum that are currently or have previously worked in the design industry India or simply for opinions from designers about what's right/wrong with Indian design? if it's the latter then you're going to get some wild opinions as we're probably as diverse as it comes.

*bigdave dust's off his soap box.......*

India's Socio-economic problems...

• Over population - We all know how babies are made, maybe Indian men are just more fertile than the rest of us?..

• Poverty - 1/3 of India's population live in poverty (that's the same number of people as the entire population of the USA)

• Corruption - LOADS of aid money goes into the country but not much filters down to the people who need it.

Can graphic design fix any of the above?... A career in design could perhaps relieve poverty for a small % of the country but then again the ones living in real poverty wont be the ones given the opportunity to achieve so perhaps not.


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If they spent as much time designing as they do sending me spam offering to do my designing they'd be an economic super-power.


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If they spent as much time designing as they do sending me spam offering to do my designing they'd be an economic super-power.
Indeed. Also, I've got about 12 long lost uncles in India - rich ones, all of whom want my bank details to transfer millions of pounds of inheritance!


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In all honesty I don't think I've ever seen any form of Indian graphic design, other than the colourful floral stuff you see in Indian restaurants. I don't think it's something they're really bothered about. They have this traditional style that goes back years and I'm sure has a link to the religion over there (correct me if I'm wrong).

I'd suggest actually getting in touch with a designer in India..