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Graphic Design in a Globalised World


I am currently doing my design study for my Honours year at University and would really appreciate some advice, solutions, directions, sources, opinions, visuals, feedback etc on some of the key questions I have brought up on my chosen topic - graphic design in a globalised world.

My tutor's help is satisfactory but I think I need some collective ideas from a mass community in order to consider all reasonable thoughts.

Thank you in advance for your time to post any replies and I hope this topic piques your interest. I look forward to your replies. Here are the key questions raised:

Key Questions

Has globalisation opened up a variety of influences to graphic designers or just what is adaptable to Western standards?

  • To what extent does American popular culture influence graphic design?
  • What cultures are clearly influencing today's young graphic designers?
  • With today's modern graphic designer increasingly freelancing for companies in a foreign country, will graphic design be the first truly global industry?
  • Can we easily collaborate with people from different cultures through Facebook?

Has cultural variety been watered down?

  • Have cultural distinctions in contemporary graphic design been detrimentally eroded?
  • Should graphic designers be more aware of their own culture and where they are from?
  • Is language the only part of contemporary graphic design that differs?
  • Are sub-cultures being devoured by pop-culture's 'search of cool'?

Does visual language need to be translated?

  • Can a piece of design communicate effectively across a range of cultures? Should it? What areas or principles have to be changed accordingly?
  • Can a graphic designer effectively design for foreign cultures?

Should graphic design be more rich and diversified?

  • Are we all taking our inspiration from the same pool?
  • How can we achieve a richer more diversified solution?
  • Do we need to immerse ourselves in other cultures to seek fresh inspiration?

  • Should an effective graphic designer be well travelled?

Is much of contemporary graphic design plagiarism?

  • Does graphic design all look and feel the same?
  • Especially in web-culture, do we see something we like and try to imitate it?
  • Should we follow trends?
  • Is popular culture bottle-necking graphic designer's brainwaves?

Is there any resistance to globalised design?

  • What groups and organisations refuse to go along with mainstream design notions?


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Hi there,

For a start you've posted this on several forums in a copy and paste style, I don't think you'll get many replies if I'm honest. We've had students with surveys and research requests before, and without showing any interest in becoming part of the community here or posting anything else before asking all these questions, I doubt you'll get many replies, or for that matter a quick way to get your research done.

Intoducing yourself 1st would be a good start mate. You can't expect members of the community to sit for at least 20 mins and answer all those questions for u


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Suppose you want us to do iron your shirts and hoover your digs as well?
Rather than copy and paste your list of topics as above, you should have distilled your problems and asked one summarised questioned. This just looks as if you're a lazy student Oik and expect us to do your work for you online.
I've had a quick look at your topics and have to say I'm not in the least interested in any of the issues as relevant or of any useful interest to comment on - it just seems more trite theoretical pretentious University waffle. Neither use or ornament in the real design world. ( now that comment may be interesting to put into your work!)