Graphic design help


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Maybe you should make this a sticky topic so other people could get help here as well? :D

Anyways, hello! I hope someone could help me with one thing. I'm creating a bigger piece in Illustrator (which I don't know too well) and I'm not sure how to make this one typography thing right.


So basically I want this whole text filled with these white stripes as I almost did with the last letter (although, at this point I was pretty frustrated, I don't even know how I did it xD). I was following (more or less) this tutorial - , but can't get it right and the explanation in the tutorial, at least on this part, is a bit laconic.

I'm pretty sure it's rather simple.

Thanks upfront!


Well according to the tutorial,i think they are just manually created with path tool and the unnecessary piece is deleted using pathfinder.