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Graphic Design Help Urgently Needed (Gimp/Inkscape etc.) PLEASE!!!


New Member
Hi, I'm making a career change in to the fashion (Tshirt/Ball Cap etc) industry, after 20 years in aviation and need help converting my sketches/ideas
in to Photoshop/Gimp/Inkscape so I can copyright and sell/produce them. I've tried Youtube and several online tutorials, but nothing beats
good old fashioned one on one help.
Anyone in the Derbys/Leics/Notts area who is willing to help me convert my sketches/ideas in to CGI?
I'm willing to pay and/or trade business consulting assistance for any help or maybe even look at a partnership for my business venture.

Any help or advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks in advance everyone.


Staff member
That's quite a career change!

I suggest you look up events in your area and meetups, startup businesses etc. to get you going. The internet is great, but it's filled with weirdos...
Would it be fair to say that to keep costs low, you will need to try and digitise your sketches during the initial stages of your startup business? And utilise that 'outsourcing' cash for essential business requirements. I think this part of the business should be at least done by you.

For example, if I was a print designer, I can consult with clients and outline the requirements, but I need to pay someone to design the product ready for print. Therefore a portion of my payment will go to the designer, leaving me with very little profit. In other words you need to develop the skills that are required for your business. Outsourcing can be expensive, think of cost effective approaches.