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Graphic design blogs - who do you blog for?

Discussion in 'SEO, Social Media & Online Marketing Forum:' started by ahcstudio, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. ahcstudio

    ahcstudio Member

    For those of you that have a blog on your website, do you focus your blog posts on advice and information for potential clients or other designers? or a combination of both?

    I recently redeveloped my site and introduced a blog (never blogged before). So far i am focusing it around things i think will benefit potential clients such as "why submitting a design brief can save time and money" "5 small business marketing mistakes" "why you need a great logo" etc

    I know a lot of other blogs tend to feature articles such as 10 awesome business card designs or 50 great 3D poster designs etc. Surely these will create a log of outbound links and drive traffic away? am i missing something? :icon_dunno:

    I'm considering some design tutorials but obviously these won't help potential clients and require quite a lot of time to do effectively.

    Any ideas? advice?
  2. Katedesign

    Katedesign Well-Known Member

    Aim for clients/prospects if that's who you want your blog to attract.
    If you are offering advice for less experienced designers then that's when the '10 awesome cards' come in.
  3. ahcstudio

    ahcstudio Member

    Design tutorials would probably be helpful in generating quality backlinks.. i might try a few and see. Just curious as to what other designers do with their blogs!

    Thanks for the reply! :icon_smile:
  4. daytona

    daytona Member

    mine is aimed at other design students i guess? it's things i find inspiring or interesting. I think that could still generate work (though thats not what i do it for). I think it reflects well on you to be engaged with fresh design culture.
  5. ahcstudio

    ahcstudio Member

    Good point.. i think im going to do a mix of both. Both have their own benefits. Some interesting cool stuff in your blog.. one of few i stayed around to read :icon_smile:

    cheers for the reply!
  6. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    I've been asking myself this question for a while and ultimately it comes down to one question.

    What is the aim of your blog?

    Is it to provide resources and inspiration to other designers?
    Is it to assert your expertise within the design industry?
    Is it to offer advise to others?

    Once you've identified what you want to get out of your blog, it's easier to know what to put into it.

    Personally mine's a little of everything, since I'm supposed to update it as part of my course though I'm thinking of aiming it more towards potential clients in future for when the time comes to leave uni.
  7. daytona

    daytona Member

    oh cheers buddy :)
  8. ahcstudio

    ahcstudio Member

    I've seen a lot of blogs with a silly section where they post random funny stuff they've come across, not sure if this is a good idea or not tbh. I agree on basing it around the aim of the blog, im aiming mine at clients but i think if you take time to put together some great business card designs or do a tutorial it can help to generate backlinks because people are more likely to link to it.

    I like the fact you have developed your own site while at uni, not many people seem to think of that. I get a lot of CVs and PDFs from graduates but very few seem to have their own websites.
  9. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    I read about the power of a blog before I even started uni so decided to start one right then.

    I noticed quite a lot of business cards from 3rd year students last year that didn't have a web address on them. Some didn't even have their name (WTF!).

    A lot of people on my course don't seem to read about the design industry in their spare time. I've learnt a hell of a lot just from reading blogs of designers (and joining this forum of course). I've always asked for a 50% deposit for freelance work for example, because I read about designers who got burnt by not asking for it.

    They seem to expect to turn up and be taught design, which just isn't how it works.

    Oh well, less competition for jobs I suppose :icon_biggrin:
  10. ahcstudio

    ahcstudio Member

    and these are the people that will be designing other people's business cards! :icon_scared:

    I've picked up a lot from other designers, blogs, forums and from my own projects. The more projects you do the more you find out about the different industries through research. Listening to client's feedback you also find out what works, what doesnt etc. There are two designers i met early on, i pester the hell out of them for feedback and advice :icon_biggrin: Mind you, they get work out of me now so it was probably worth their while!

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