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Graphic Artists needed for CGI series (typo, logo, concept, etc)

Hello everyone!

This posting is to find graphic artists for a series that I've been trying to work on for quite a long time now. The series will be a machinima that uses assets from World of Warcraft, however, most, if not ALL, of the series will actually be done via CGI/Animation. We will simply be using the game's assets with our 3d programs, along with our own creations (think Craft of War: Blind, go watch if you haven't, its pretty neat). Think of this series as simply a web-based animation series rather than a machinima.

Who am I and why should you care? I've been making content since 2007, originally being picked up by Machinima for my popular at the time series, The More You Know, later creating the popular "The Beauty of Skyrim". After YouTube cracked down on copyright, I stopped doing narrative works and moved into gameplay. Within the past year or so, though, I've been trying to get back into narrative video creation, and what better than to finally realize a story that I've been building on for YEARS. I'm currently with Maker Studios (owner of companies like Polaris). I'm excited to finally get to do some work on this as it's something that I've dedicated lots of time, effort, and love. My other experience besides my many years of content creation includes a bachelor's degree in Digital Animation as well as an education in filmmaking, script writing, and cinematography.

While I'd normally be willing to do all of the work myself, I simply don't have the time, and I'm a 3d artist, so my graphics skills are a bit lackluster.

What I'm looking for:

Concept Artists
Logo Artists
Poster/Promotional Designs Artists
Hand-painted Texture Artists (for 3d models)
Various Other Artists (will always need artists for typography, graphics to be used in-video, on swag, etc)


Marketing Experience

All roles will be required to sign an NDA. Payment will be based on a percentage of ad-revenue. The percentage will be based on each members' amount of participation. A contract will be provided for both parties to sign. While Blizzard supports machinima, we obviously can't use the videos commercially, so all income will be based on ad-revenue generated from the videos, meaning that not only will the quality of your work effect the revenue, but your own participation in spreading awareness as well! This also means that if the series becomes as successful as I know it can be, then you could make far more than you would have otherwise.

I'm also looking for staff for other areas of production: 3d modelers/animators, marketing, editing, SFX, audio editing/FX, etc
You're more than welcome to apply for those as well.

Please EMAIL (drkessence.mw[at]gmail.com) your submission to me with "[APPLICATION]" at the beginning of the subject line. All emails should contain details about yourself as well as a portfolio. Please DO NOT PM me or try to apply via this thread. I'll be updating this post as needed.

Thanks, everyone, and good luck joining Wolf's Project Team!


Senior Member
It looks like an interesting project but I think you will struggle to find people willing to invest time in this solely on the promise of a ad revenue percentage, especially without evidence that you are involved in a similar project with a proven revenue stream via this method.

That being said I wish you the best of luck and do post some of your work up here when it's ready.


Staff member
I'm sorry but this 'percentage of advert payment model' is not good for any potential 'partner'
Considering the amount of work others would be doing that's just isn't worth anyone putting the time into it for what would likely be a low value of income from adverts.

You've got no evidence that you even have the viewing figures to make enough money from adverts to pay enough to cover the basic a hourly rates for most of the 'jobs', it's not like youtube has a massive payout per view and that assuming it doesn't get taken down for copyright. Your own 'the more you know' on machinima has less than 18000 views... based on my link you would have gained less than $36 in return....assuming all views were monetised. That's less than most of us on here make in a hour... and your work would take more than an hour in most cases. Now if you had something like gangnam style with it's 2billion+ views or even a million plus views then it might have been more interesting.

If you're so confident in this project why not go in with your company 'maker studios' and get them to fund the project.