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Graphic Agency in Bristol


Senior Member

Anyone know of any graphic agencies in Bristol.

I wanna build my portfolio so i thought an agency would be good to get some work. Its building up slowly.

Hi Tom,

Google is your friend :cowboy:

design agencies bristol - Google Maps

Not to discourage you, but I think it will be extremely hard for you to get in to an agency without an existing portfolio of solid work. It's a very competitive industry and it's even tougher now with the current economic climate. Some agencies won't let you show the work you've done there anyways, so if you're just looking to bulk up your portfolio in order to generate freelance work I'd recommend you to do some work for free or at a reduced cost for charities, your local sports club, mates etc. Just to bulk up your portfolio and get some experience under your belt.

Best of luck with everything!

Are you wanting eventually to work in a studio fulltime or freelance fulltime?

Either way like Aarlev has said its gonna be hard to get into a FT Creative agency, not just because of the current climate but most designers generate good and great pieces of work for their portfolio by being in a creative agency.

If you have not already, a good way to get a good portfolio is through education - university - college - night classes etc, i like many on here no doubt got my fist Junior role through my uni portfolio (and some free work experience work aswell).