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I am wondering if someone can help please.

I was looking at adding gold gradients to my illustrations. I was messing around with various gold gradients and managed to get a gradient go flawlessly throughout my design and text (I cannot remember the exact steps that I took, but it was something like create outlines, then something like select all the elements on the page and 'Unite' using the pathfinder tool (I cannot remember exactly what I did), but I cannot seem to make it work now.

Instead what is happening is that the gradient is hitting each individual element (so the gradient is impacting the individual character as opposed to putting the gradient on everything. On the attached file, where it says 'the engagement of', that is the gradient that is running through the text as I would like it to (I want it to be like this on the entire file), but as you will be able to see, the rest of the text does not look right (as the gradient is treating it like individual objects rather than a group).

As mentioned I managed to get this gradient to hit everything so it looked flawless, but now cannot replicate it.

Can anyone help please?

Thank you,




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I'm assuming that you're making your selection and then selecting the gradient from your swatches and it's appalling it to all the individual shapes separately?

There are two ways to get around this:

1. Make the selection a "Compound Path"
This makes the group of shapes be recognised as just the one and your gradient should flow through them all, even if it isn't all joined up as one connected shape.

2. After you apply the gradient, go to the gradient tool and just drag it over the shape/group in the direction and angle you want the gradient to run.
This should have the same effect.


That is absolutely perfect! Thank you! I was initially messing around with having a gold foiled background and must have created the compound path then forgot to release it (hence how I probably got it to work).

I have created the compound path now and it works perfectly.

Thank you so much for your help!