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GoogleIO - New WebP image format and WebM updates


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Good old google... they've just announced ANOTHER image format for web.... webp basically combines jpeg, png and gif with better compression than jpeg along with transparency and animation support.....
It sounds great but seriously no one is going to support it, svg is only now getting fully supported lol

WebM is getting a performance boost, better compression etc which is great as it means less bandwidth but I bet it will take longer to compress....


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balders said:
.... and a stock android s4.
yeah didn't mention that because it's going to cost around £5-600 (full unlocked price)..... nexus 4 is much better value in my opinion assuming it isn't replaced/cancelled. I'm kind of waiting to see how much the xfon comes out at, it would make a great budget 'nexus' from what I'm seeing and it would make a killer device at £150 give or take in my opinion.
It is a lot to pay outright but most people will pick it up with a contract so it should be around the £30 pm mark like the nexus 4.....unlike the nexus phones it has expandable memory.

Google Play Music, All Access looks quite interesting. Should shake up Spotify a bit. Couldn't see if it was available in UK though.


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samsung s4 ge could be US only and it's looking like it's from google play only so maybe no contract options.... I'm not even sure we really need all the performance of a s4 quad/octo on a phone anymore, I'm pretty sure I could live with a decent dual core android phone, it's not like I play games on it. On my slate that's a different matter, give me a nexus 10/11 with the octo and I'll be happy :)
Google play all access is us only.... for now. Have to say I'm more likely to pick google play over spotify due to google music storing my music (I'm still uploading stuff bit by bit but I'm tidying as I go) but some of the other things I have support spotify. But I haven't bothered with spotify yet so not sure I'd bother paying for google either....

Sean Lee-Amies

I use Spotify. It's pretty good, but there are some definite flaws in the service. No access to music offline, and being only available on desktop, unless you pay for their top service being the main ones.