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Google Penguin

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to ask a round a bit - has anyone else noticed a big change in their website rankings due to Googles Penguin update a few days/weeks ago. Seems to have affected many, many design websites and clients website rankings from conversations Ive had over the last few days.

The worrying thing is I spoke to a colleague 48 hours ago and all was well, last night his site had plummeted 8 pages on Google for the same search term he was ranking on page 1 for previously!!!

Ive started doing a big Squidoo push to hopefully soften any fall and am creating one for each page of my website. See the example here Property Advert Design

Fingers crossed!


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Hey smadamij,

Yes I have also notice a marked change in the SERPS for a a range of my clients, it would appear as google as now increased its base index for several verticals many websites now have additional % competition to try and out rank.
Hmmm, im just concerned by the new update as it seems to be playing into the hands of negative SEO? Im not suggesting thats whats happened to anyone so far but do you think its now feasible to implement this?

It seems any sort of 'spammy' (and i use that phrase broadly after reading up on Matt Cutts latest ramblings) links now cost you dearly - but what constitutes spam? My signature here on this forum? Directory links from many moons ago when they were valuable as opposed to today?

Whats your thoughts?


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As I said the new update includes a 15% increase in the amount of base index in some verticals, thus some sites which could be considered 'spammy' are now being valued and are now ranking. Google rolls out 10's of updates and tweaks per year. So i wouldn't be surprised if things don't change again shortly.

Ultimately, google are wanting to push the adwords system on to users of its search service, its fairly obvious whats happening here. Google and to lesser degree Bing/Yahoo don't care about 'you' or 'I' or 'Spammy Websites' they care about making money, like any business.

* I accept this opinion may upset some readers :)