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Google Font Directory

Been doing a little research into using different type fonts within web design other than the standard Aerial, Serif etc..

A friend mentioned to me something about Google's new Font directory, I believe how it works is you add a link within your website code to the specific google font family and hey presto you have a much better choice of fonts.

I understand this but my question is has anyone actually used this?

Any problems with them? do they behave within pre-set CSS files in dreamwaver?

Bit interested to hear all opinions..
Here's the Google Font directory link

Cheers Rob :)


Senior Member
Had a post on the API at http://www.designforums.co.uk/web-coding-development/5167-google-fonts-api.html
(web coding development section) but in hindsight :D its in the wrong place

It works via the @font-face CSS coding...
Where they have the files for the font on their server, and using some jiggery pokery behind the scenes (@font-face CSS) it allows you to use a font. You can use googles as that way it caches and isn't using up your sites space or you can use your own space (just using @font-face)

Hope that helps :)
Thanks for that just read over the other posts too,
So when you say use your own space...we've got a server so do you reckon you'd be able to add any font family from say Illustrator..load them to the server and use the same process that google use?

That'd certainly be pretty cool,
Just a bit bothered about the size od different fonts laying out wrong in diff browsers ie old explorers


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Yes, you can upload any font set to your server and link to it using the @font-face method... however there are licensing laws, so only use fonts that you are allowed to use on websites...

Font-face works in most modern browsers, if it does work it is pretty decent, very few differences and not really an issue anyway. If it doesn't work you just set it up like a standard font stack and the next font down is used.