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Google Chrome is out of date and can't seem to be updated?


Well-Known Member
Has anyone else had this problem this past week?

3 red lines on the menu icon, when clicked it says 'Chrome is Out of Date.'

When I go to update Chrome, a message says:

'Version 50.0.2661.102 (64-bit)

Update failed (error: 12)'

I have found solutions to other error codes but not error:12.

Do I really need to uninstall and reinstall GC?...... :(

I have reported the issue.


Staff member
chrome isn't faster for me and I don't get all of google following me everywhere, I have enough with MS and windows 10 lol


Well-Known Member
This problem seems to have corrected itself to an extent. The annoying 3 red lines on the menu icon are no longer there, so I'm pleased about that. Although when I try to update it still presents me with the same error message. But as long as the menu icon does not highlight red again, the feng shui of my browser and my chi are realigned...


Well-Known Member
Oh NO! The red menu icon is backkkkk!!!

I'll have to reinstall one day when I can be bothered and see if it fixes it. Such a nuisance....


Well-Known Member
They really do :). An icon turning red is hardly a problem with the Mac, it is a problem with it's user and my self-diagnosed ocd; when something doesn't look the way I'm used to it looking on a daily basis, it annoys me a little, but it's not really a problem. If anything, the issue is with the browser.

PS. I know you were only pulling my leg :cool:


Well-Known Member
Just incase anyone else has this problem, I have fixed this issue by reinstalling Google Chrome. It took seconds. I did not lose any of my most viewed websites from the homepage or bookmarks or anything like that. Everything remained in tact. There are subtle differences in this update but it looks sharp, sexy and it may be my imagination but it seems even faster!

That it all, thank you and goodnight.