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Good web design, on-line web tools and web development blogs


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Hay up peeps, I was wondering if any one knew any good design or web development blogs that update regularly that I could consider signing up to thier RSS feed. Ones that offer like good design tutorials that update regualy would be great, or any good web coding blogs that are more advanced not how to code html sort of blogs if you get me, bit like CSS3.info.

Also any good on-line tools like page performance testing, on-line colour chart picker that sort of stuff.

What about any good icon sites?

Just want to expand my reasearch a bit futher.

Cheers for any recomendations.


Senior Member
Well for development I think that Nettuts+ | Web development tutorials, from beginner to advanced. does a fairly good job with a variety of tutorials in different coding languages.

Design-wise it's hard to find tutorial blogs that really focus on web design. There are a lot of tutorial blogs out there but you'll only come across the one-off web tutorial. You should make a difference between tutorial blogs and design blogs though. Design blogs tend to show off other people's work while tutorial blogs show off their own (or their writers') work and. Here is a very interesting read on design blogs: The Death Of The Blog Post - Smashing Magazine