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Good Atmosphere or Bad White Balance?

I took these whilst waiting for the 05:32 from Newcastle to London last month. I tried quite a few settings and personally think they most closely captured the atmosphere of the platform at the time, if not the true light conditions. I'm just getting interested in photography and would be interested if any photographers thought these were ok or in need of the white balance adjusting.



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Personally I'd say they're too red, a more subtle or less saturated tint would have probably worked slightly better in my opinion. Nothing you can't play with in photoshop though.
Have you tried them in black and white with a couple of sections in colour?.
I like 'em and good to see someone from sunny Whitley Bay on the Forum.
Thanks for the great feedback Jimlad, Typo. I will have a go at you suggestions and post them back later. Not so sunny Typo lol!
I have followed all your suggestions i.e. making B&W, making part B&W and reducing the red tint (The fourth image is as close as I can remember to what the light was really like). Hope you think they are ok. Any feedback greatly appreciated.



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The 1st and 2nd ones have more of the ceiling detail picked out, which I like. The 3rd is my favourite. Not sure about the 4th one.


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1) not sure it works, the technique is there but I just don't think it works with the subject.
2) maybe a little dark in the ceiling space
3) same as the first one
4) works relatively well has a kind of older style print feel, ie the colours aren't quite as punchy as a modern film would give or its got a bit of fade due to age etc.
Thanks for the feedback Levi. This really gives me something to think about. I will carry on tinkering about with them. Cheers.