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Going retro in packaging design


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Hey guys,

Not sure if anyone has seen the news, but found it on a retail packaging site, Walkers is going to bring back their old school Monster Munch characters and packaging designs!

Walkers, Britain’s No.1 crisps and snacks manufacturer, is going retro and bringing back the original and iconic Monster Munch snacks, which launched in 1977. The re-launch sees the reintroduction of a bigger, crunchier Monster Munch corn snack, a bigger pack format and retro pack design featuring the loveable and iconic Monster characters. The activity will be supported with a fun on-line, PR and marketing campaign (details to be announced soon!).
I'm really looking forward to seeing how this goes down, as it seems to be a developing trend recently to take packaging back to a retro look, with Coca-Cola recently taking similar action. I wonder if this vibe of retro design will spread into other areas of design? There's already been a few crazes of retro web design that I know of.

Just found some more news on the ad campaign to go with the retro look... lol...

And a new viral style website to match...