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Going Crazy!!!

So as some of you know I gave up on my elaborate website and decided to use Bechance/adobe to make something quick, which to all affect is crap!!!

I have an awesome idea for my website but it's going to take a while to do, in the meantime I just want to display my work effective and so that it's mobile friendly etc for this google stuff as currently it isn't and its a bag of shite :( It's really getting me down.

What are my options?
Jimlad said:
My site's made using Squarespace, nice and easy and adapts to mobile devices.
Yeh seems pretty good, how did you go on for the SEO with it?

Perhaps I just have a bright pink page with my logo and a link that says 'email me for my portfolio sizzle!' lol


Well-Known Member
From what I understand the Squarespace sites are already optimised for search engines but there are some settings you can play with. I don't know a great deal about SEO specifically, so here's a screenshot.