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Going back to web design, need feedback !!!


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After a while in a different field, I am trying to get back to web design. I am updating my skills and portfolio and here is my most recent work : www.fjharris.com .

Even if my client liked it (well, I did it for free, so that would explain), I really need some feedback from people in the trade...

Many thanks


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Off to bed now so I won't say alot, but will give you a few things to think about. Hope it helps.

I would normally expect to find the 'Opening times' to be featured with the details section on the left side, if you keep the opening times in the text you might also want to consider highlighting it bold.

When navigating the homepage you have to scroll down alot to view all the products available, you could possibly combine catergories more to simplify the product offerings. I also notice there is considerable repetition in the brand names mentioned in each area, and sometimes appearing in a different sequence, maybe you could include a shop by brand option or 'we stock these brands'.... visible, if brand names are to have emphasis, it should be done in one place.

There is currently 16 categories for products, the final one being in a row by iteself, I would consider reducing the size of each category so you end up with 4x4 layout, which will already start to reduce the scroll distance. There is a lot of wasted space at the bottom of each category too.


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Hi Entropyk,

Welcome to DF, and welcome back to web design :)
I like the overall styling and presentation, but agree with ColeUK regarding the grid for the products section. I think splitting into four columns would suit the rest of the design too. I took the liberty of drawing some bright red lines across the design..

You could perhaps then look to reduce the title and introduction text to the width of two columns and include a photo of the physical shop on the right hand side, at the same size as the logo perhaps?

Other things to consider, maybe try Georgia for the main title and product titles? I think this may sit better with their logo typeface, I would also look at reducing the line height on the 2 line title as the line height looks a bit big at the moment.

Code looks nice & clean, and can see why you have the whitespace at the bottom to allow the page to scroll when someone clicks on links :)

Nice work.
P.S. Good to see you got your DF account working :)


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You are both right about the grid/categories stuff. That was a trick one, though, as the client gave me extra categories just before the website was published... I may chang the layout in the near future.

-> ColeUK : the client wants its opening hours at the end of the presentation text... Highlighting them does make sense, though, thanks.

-> Greg : I thought about using serif fonts during the design process, but totally forgot about it when building the website. I have changed that, and it is more relevant, you are right. I did not think about the line height, but that is a good point. I'll modify that too.

Anyway, thanks for spending a bit of time reviewing it, guys. It is really helpful for me. I do spend a lot of my spare time updating my skills at the moment (and less time sleeping) and it is good to know that I seem to be getting somewhere !

I'll be back to that forum on a regular basis. I like the content. I noticed that you do not have a "contest" category, though. Is that something we'll see here in a near future ?