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Gmail not importing all emails into inbox

Paul Murray

Staff member
Anyone had this problem and managed to fix it?

A couple of days ago, Gmail stopped importing any emails sent my studiocosmos.co.uk domain into my inbox, yet others sent to my paulmurraydesign.com domain appear just. I've recently migrated my hosting so my first thought that was the problem but they were working fine last week after the migration process. I've re-added the accounts, used every combination of settings I can think of, but still they just don't show at all, anywhere, in Gmail.

The emails are being sent to my server because I can retrieve them from the Mac Mail app just fine. My hosting company are at a loss and the Google forums seem to be fruitless (there are threads over 5 years old with this same problem).
If I'm reading this correctly, Gmail is not fetching your emails via POP3 or from custom email.
I've had this problem with multiple hosting providers when adding a custom email into Gmail.

Have you tried creating a new Gmail account, specifically for that custom email?
(This worked for me twice).
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Paul Murray

Staff member
I created a new account as you suggested and that seemed to work in the sense that emails to my cosmos address are visible, but when I try adding my paulmurraydesign account to this Gmail account, now they won't come through.

Looks like I'll have to go back to a desktop app.