Girlguiding gets new badge design to reflect young women’s lives in 2018


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Very cool.

But I fear key skills, such as ironing, washing, mopping, child-minding, and other necessary skills will be lost!

Won't someone please think of the children? PLEASE someone THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!


I'm a huge sucker for those types of vector illustrations with clean, simple geometry. Really nice - I especially like the zoetrope for the 'Animation' badge.

so where's the 'I mastered the duck pout on instagram' badge
Also missing is an 'I ate a Tide Pod' badge.

Do I sense a Subvert The Girl Guides Badge competition coming on?

Paul Murray

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I find it funny that wellingtons represents 'festival goer'...:unsure:
But I guess its realistic in these parts...
One of my friends owns a hair salon, and she's constantly booked at festival season with girls wanting their hair putting up for the weekend. Not a bad little earner from what I understand.