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Gig Shoot advice/settings

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Josella Caci, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. Josella Caci

    Josella Caci Member

    I'm new at photography, just wondering if anyone can guide me on the right settings/lighting tips for gig shoots before i chuck myself in there!
    I have a Nickon D60 (also variety of lenses and equipment are accessible for me)

    what settings 'should' i be working with?
  2. mrp2049

    mrp2049 Senior Member

    Wide aperture, high flash settings, longish expose (1/25 or lower).

    It does depend massively on the venue, the lighting in the venue, and how active the band are on stage.

    The best advice I can give is, don't hide at the back and zoom in, get down the front and get sweaty.
  3. sthomas

    sthomas Member

    Check out the forum section of - quite often I've seen posts about the best settings to use for photographing gigs
  4. Josella Caci

    Josella Caci Member

    hopeless case; yes luckily i'm going backstage with a pass and the band are letting me shoot them at rehearsals too :)
    So i will no doubt be getting stuck right in the front /side of the stage!
    i think the venue is your average sized bar/ maybe a bit bigger.

    designmatic;thankyou for the link its very helpful!

    anymore advice from any photographers would be much appreciated
  5. Antony Warnes

    Antony Warnes Junior Member

    Live event photography is something i've found really difficult.

    Photos were the hobby that took over from my videography hobby becoming my job.

    I've taken snaps at live gigs and sporting events and always tend to find that I end up with lots of blur without flash or the flash doesn't reach far enough so only parts of the frame are anywhere near lit and the rest is really dark.

    I made the mistake of buying a Canon 400D new as seconds later the 450D came out with liveview and seemingly a better sensor for lowlight situations. But then again I kinda think simply by part exchanging it against a 5D I will instantly be a better tog...
  6. Josella Caci

    Josella Caci Member

    using a Nikon Dslr. I know it is difficult! At the moment I consider photography a hobby

    If you have any inspirational photo's/your fave band photos you'd like to share that would be muchly appreciated! (if you have any that is)
    Just so i can look at poses/angles/editing styles....etc
  7. If you are serious about music photography, beg, borrow or steal a camera that shoots well at a high ISO and forget about flash. I use Nikon D3 and a D700 – and concentrate on local gigs and do it every night of the week. Have a little Google for Danny North – he is one of most successful guys at the moment – started doing this in Leeds, and pestered the NME until he got a few jobs. I think he has some good advice on his site.
  8. JeromeCollinge

    JeromeCollinge Junior Member

    Thanks for sharing, I've just done a Google search of his name and he has some amazing work very inspirational !

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