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Getting my own site sorted


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Something I've never got round to completing is my own site. I've attempted the challenge so many times and always fallen short of the goal and reverted to something extremely limited and minimal that I'm never happy with.

I don't have a problem getting clients so I find it hard to put effort into this, but I do feel I should have a site to be proud to show prospective clients.

So I ask you all: How important do you think a designer/developer's own site is?

Also, what do others in this field think is the minimal information that should go on your own home page?

Thanks for your time,



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From a client's perspective:

Who are you and do you have the skills I need?
Why should I hire you if I can't see what you've done in the past?
How do I contact you if there's nowhere to find your email address?
If you don't have the time to display your work, will you find the time to work on my project?

And so forth. In other words, a portfolio website is important.
Very important - one of the most important tools to showcase your skill as a designer/developer without restriction. I think it's a good idea to do a one page site if people dont have the time to do more.

Minimum info should be contact details, some work, short summary of who you are and what you can do for clients.

With your own site it's never perfect, so design the hell out of it, fall in love with it before committing to code. Know that it's not perfect, but it can improve, so a good foundation is key to enable you to stick at it.

The one page idea is good I think because it helps you focus and perfect the sometimes overlooked elements such as typography - good typography, imo, can make a standard looking layout really jump out at you.

I mean look at this, it's great:

This would have taken, what, a few hours to work on? But most time probably spent thinking about the concept.
The one page idea is great if you don't have a ton of time to be spending. A designers website is a true showcase of their creativity and skills, If your site isn't looking great, why should a customer think the website your making them is any better?


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TBH fella if you have got work coming in I personally don't think you need one.
Most of my work at the mo is by word of mouth or members reading my posts and contacting me from forums, very rarely do I go out looking for work but then I suppose web dev isn't my primary income.

This week alone for example I've had 2 website requests and 2 SEO requests and it's only Thursday. Last week 2 SEO quotes out of the blue so IMO it's down to if you have the time, I personally wouldn't have the time to create a look at me site and then spend the time publishing it and marketing it to bring me work in TBH.

If it's just one page and you don't have the time to market it so it brings work in on it's own and you have work coming in IMO whats the point?


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Thank you all for your replies!

I've started drafting a few simple pages just so I have something to refer new/potential customers to, however it might take twice (if not more times) the normal time to complete since I'm prioritising the work I already have on.

I see the purpose of a one-stop portfolio/business card site as an important measure towards attracting new clients, but since I have work coming in I don't want to lay stress on such a site for myself.

I'll post a link to the site when it's (eventually) complete! :D
I had the same issue of time, money, procrastination, time and finally money. In the end I asked the guys at DF to crit my one-page design, which I'm pretty happy with and it's being coded now. Do a lovely one pager- post it up here on DF and they'll rip it to shreds! In a good way.
Website building is good to do, though requires a lot of time and money investment.

Lots of people are using Wordpress to host their portfolios these days. You can set something up fairly cheaply and quickly. Choose from lots of free themes and customise yourself.