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Generate Text with random positions and sizes


Junior Member
Hallo Guys,

i think this is the section most fit for this type of question.

I have a list of people's names and I need to create an image/graphic with the following:

- the names should be placed randomly on the sheet of paper/ image
- the names should not overlap, so that one can still read all of the names
- they need to be of random sizes but with constraints because of the readability.
- 3D effect would be useful but not nessesary ( I could add it in Photoshop later )
- the creation of the graphic needs to be fast and painless.

I do not limit to any program. Any possible way is acceptable for me.
(Any program from the Adobe Suite, Cinema 4D or Plugin for photoshop for example)

I know that I could place the text layers in photoshop and adjast each one individually but it will take much time as I need to place 80 names in an A4 format.

A workaround would be to play with the align/distribute functions in photoshop, that would create the illusion of randomness, but I still takes up too much time.

Any help is appreciated

With regards, Rebrain.


Staff member
ok maybe I'm a bit weird here but by the time you've waited for the responses on here you could have probably completed the work.

As to question, no idea, manual job as far as I know.


Junior Member
i am interested in a way to accomplish that anyway, even if I have to do it manually for now.
In the future I will know the answer. Plus you never know, may be I am just overseeing some feature.

Do people wait rather long time to get an answer in here?