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General Advice for a young hopeful

Discussion in 'Graphic Design Forum:' started by TheNoone, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. TheNoone

    TheNoone Member

    As im new to the graphic design world, Id thought id ask around for some advice.
    I start MMu in September after impressing the graphic design tutor there with my portfolio as i had no relevant a levels or came from an artistic background.

    First of all, obviously i want my own business someday and would it be wise to start planning early for what i want too acheive i.e Business name, targets etc.

    I am actually rather happy where things are going iv only really been dabbling in this subject for a few months and iv already got a solid project underway.

    It isnt the most inventive thing in the world but it will do, In the very near future i will be employed by

    if you have already looked at the site you will realise in serious need of restoration, the logo's for their own brands are actually what they still have in use for there packaging, so basically my job is total re-design, and im excited as this is my first serious project.

    So any solid advice for what too look at etc, would be greatly appreciated as im hoping to make a carreer of this.


  2. webasoft

    webasoft Member

    sounds like you have your head screwed on Kyle! ye" plan your business and its name, why not? i did the same thing 3 years ago and now we are up and running.... the logo on the site is not too bad but bloody hell the rest is a shambles, im sure with a it will be easy to rectify this website. I hope you are being payed? set your stall out from day one and you will get the respect you deserve... if you struggle with the project give me a PM and ill try to help you along mate.. we are Manchester based too.....

    Good Luck Kyle!

    ps, do you do design and programming cos we are looking for a voluntary programmer!
  3. TheNoone

    TheNoone Member

    Well. Times are hard, I have fun designing, And as for the Sherwood project, the designer charges them £35 an hour, So im thinking something along £20 an hour and calculate it will be about a weeks work including, the Html conversion etc.

    And as far as programming goes, I dont have much experience, so i guess i couldn't help. Where abouts in Manchester are you based? Did u go to MMu or anything like that.

  4. Munni

    Munni Member

    Yes it does sound as though you have you're head screwed on! I wish I did at the START of my course rather then the END!! Still, the best advice I can give you with regards to studying/ getting into design is:

    * Network. It doesn't matter if you're still a student. Get out there and get yourself known. One of my friends on my course has run a succesful design/web business during the course, and even managed to secure a monthly magazine

    * You may well want to be a 'general', but if you have a specialism so to speak, focus on developing that. Strive to stand out in your 'niche'

    * Take absolute advantage of things like 'live briefs' and course exibitions. We took part in a live brief and ended up in local papers. Also, a friend a friend was offered a full-time salaried position of the back of the exibition. Also, make sure you invite the right people!

    * Most students tend to p*ss about for the first couple of years, and only get serious at the last minute, when they realise they could end up with a cr*p degree!! Don't make this mistake. Work hard from day one. It'll pay off!!

    * Those students who in my experience do better tend to be the ones who push the boundaries, ''break the rules' (within reason of course!), and not the ones who 'kept safe' and had work looking almost identical.

    * Thats good that you know already that you want to start your own business. What are you waiting for?! Average students days are about 2/3 days a week, so make the most of your 'free' time. If you start from day one, you may have a reasonably successful, and possibly full-time business to 'walk into' upon graduation.

    * Student loan (if you get one)! Make the most of this - I don't mean down the pub!! Yeah of course you're going to socialise, drink etc, and will have things like living costs to consider. But when I say make the most of it, I mean accumalate essentials. You may already own a Mac, the software and so on. But a lot of students and graduates find they don't have the means to get them - and therefore regret not using their student loan wisely!! For example, each instalment, my friend bought one new item. Term one = Mac, term two = software, term three . . . and so on..

    It's not meant to sound too much like a lecture, but having recently finished my studies, I hear constantly about people struggling to make it, or even break into the design industry. You know what you want from now and are therefore in a strong position. Just try and make an opportunity out of everything!!

    Good luck with uni and apologies for the essay!! :icon_thumbup:
  5. TheNoone

    TheNoone Member

    Dont apolagise, that was really sturdy advice im gonna take it all in , and work from there. I feel becuase im 21, im going to have to work that little bit harder as all the students on the course are fresh from college, so i maybe/maybe not at a slight dis-advantage.

    Is a mac essential? I know there best for designing, but my student loan only just covers my accomadation which isn't cool.
    Hopefully ill get a bursary while im there who knows.
    At present im working off a Sony Vaio with just a touchpad. haha

    Thanks guys

  6. Munni

    Munni Member

    No a Mac isn't essential - I was just making a point!
    I use both a Mac and PC, but I found going through college and uni, they they tend to favour/teach on the Mac Platform.

    Regarding being 21 - don't worry!! I was 21 at the start of my course too. Ovbiously it won't be the same everywhere, but I was one of the youngest on my course! Our ages ranged from 18 college leaver right through to a 60+ year old with 2 previous degrees. Regardless of age, you'll all (or should have) a love for design, so will have common bond already. I don't think age is neither an advantage or disadvantage. It's the work, the folio thats important.

    God you can tell I talk for England haha! :icon_thumbup:
  7. TheNoone

    TheNoone Member

    God Save The Queen. Id love to get some hands on experience when im so any job offers! haha
  8. Can anyone tell me if there was anything i missed on the sherwood website. I had to stop looking after only 3 pages as my eyes imploded. Bring on the revamp!
  9. TheNoone

    TheNoone Member

    Remember im only an amateur!


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