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Gallery Design Dilemma - Please Help!


Senior Member

Am currently we doing my gallery for my site Craig Sparkes :: Freestyle Kite Buggier

I will have as such 2 levels after gallery home page


-Events Europe 08
-- Event 1
-- Event 2
-- Event 3

-Events Europe 09
-- Event 1
-- Event 2

-Events 08
-- Event 1
-- Event 2
-- Event 3

-Events 09
-- Event 1
-- Event 2
-- Event 3
-- Event 4

Now am thinking that will have Each event on separate flash viewer like this Craig Sparkes :: Freestyle Kite Buggier - Team Flexifoil Rider, Dakine & Edge Power Kites but to be really honest its a chore doing each XML file having to resize all pics.

I had been using gallery 2 until that point (LINK soon just uploading)

I want to be have HTML links to each of the galleries so the flash dynamic multi level galleries are no good. Does anyone know of any other gallery options out there?




Staff member
I'm sure theres atleast a mootools (so java based) version of what you're after, might be worth taking a dig around the moo forums. The lightbox I'm going to be using even scales (actually the one I'm using now does) to fit the screen so its possible to save you some hassle too.

edit: see if any of the ones mentioned here are any good for what you're after :)

edit 2: this one looks similar to the idea that you want to use