Full page design and responsive


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Hello, I are working on a web site design and I want to have a login/registration page like the Hubstaff example https://account.hubstaff.com/login 1 I came up with this design (see attached) but it is not responsive like Hubstaff and I am trying to come up with a solution. Does anybody know how can I fix this in order that the form on the left remains of a same size? Thanks

note: I know there is bootstrap up to 1140. But I want to have the design cover the entire page. Not just in a container.



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Using bootstrap is your first mistake. It's now very dated and no longer does the job very well.

But you are overcomplicating things. Keep it simple and just put a the registration/login forms on an orphan page without any imagery or even a menu. Getting your layout to work on all devices and all screen resolutions is going to be tricky.

If you really want to replicate the hubstaff site just uses media queries. 50% widths on the form and image down to 992px then 100% width on the form (which then hides the image). They are also using display:flex