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Frustrating site problems..


Junior Member
Hey everyone,

I've almost finished redesigning my website (Teenuz) but i've now discovered two problems with the site which are now becoming really frustrating.

The first is a horizontal scrollbar which has appeared, and I can't for the life of me figure out what's causing it. I've gone through the source code several times and restructured the site to find out exactly where it's coming from, but all I can figure out is that it's being caused by something in the top part of the layout.

The other problem is I can't seem to find out why the footer won't extend to the entire width of the page. Knowing me, i've probably done something silly.

Anyone able to give me a hand? I appreciate any help you can give.


Senior Member
Was this hand-coded? It's rather poor and if you run it through a validator it doesn't do very well.

Anyway, your <div id="footer"> is located inside your <div id="content_container">, which has a width set to it. The footer div is set to 100%, but this falls back to the maximum width of the parent container. Long story short: put the two footer divs outside of the container.

Couldn't figure out the first problem at first sight. I could look at it more extensively later on, but by then I'm sure someone else might have solved it.


Junior Member
Thank you! That's that problem fixed now :)

And I understand what you mean about the poor coding. It isn't my strong point but hopefully after checking the validator too, I should be able to fix most of the errors.