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Freelancer services focus group

Hi all,

First of all this is not corporate market reseach this is for my own peice of mind before I embark on a potentially good but equally risky project.

I've got a potential opportunity to get involved with a start up company that are looking to supply services to help freelancers, contractors and general self employed.

The core service will be based around finances - working as a payment gateway, allowing individuals to raise invoices through an online system. allowing for stricter terms to be inforced and helping individuals take payments via credit card etc. for a small percentage. A full accounting system will be available to as well as invoices rasied you enter all costs, incomes and expenses and at the end of the year you can pull out an organised accoutning sheet ready to transfer to your self assement or pass onto an accountant - I kow for un-organised freelancers this could help reduce accountans bills. The services would be for a small percentage possibly as low as 1%.

Additional services will include social networking seraches to enable the formation of small consortiums. And there's lots of ideas in the pipeline and I can see the potential of a very sucessful business but without getting wowed by the spin and getting too heavily involved I fancied a personal reality check from you guys.

You thoughts and concerns would be very much appriciated.

Would you use an online system to enter your accounts and save you the cost of Sage, Quickbooks etc. ?

Would you log invoices thorugh a system of this kind to promote prompter payments?

Could you benefit from taking credit card payments?

Thanks to anyone that takes the time to respond - any further developments and I'll keep you posted.