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Freelancer required...

By way of introduction: Azure is a graphic design studio that produces visual communication via the disciplines of typography, image and illustration. We create effective, inspiring design for SME's across many different market sectors.

Our ethos is simple; an honest and friendly approach with a personal interest to meet and exceed the needs of our clients. The business has been running for ten years and during this time we have built up a loyal client base.

With the level of work we have coming in, we could do with a freelance designer/artworker to join our team. Ideally someone who could take projects on competently, share project resources via Dropbox and work with the other members of the team as required. We believe ourselves to be very fair and reliable, always paying promptly and honouring our commitments.

Prerequisites we require:
Photoshop skills (clipping and masks, basic clean up work to in-depth layering)
InDesign literature (setting up of stylesheets, grids and multiple page documents to repro ready artwork, tables and tabs)
Illustrator (vector logos and line-art drawings).

A 'repro-ready' attitude to the creation of all work produced is key (Image DPI, formatting etc) and examples of printed material would be required (Photographic evidence is fine). The ideal person would be someone who doesn't mind getting involved with any aspect of a project, from start to completion and/or a part of the process. You would ideally know InDesign better than we do and be happy to artwork as well as apply your creative prowess in certain projects. An eye for detail is important and so is your typography. This isn't a request for a 'one-off' project. We would hope to find someone who in time will become a recognised member of our team. If you feel you have a commercial sensibility as well as a creative one, are happy to work in collaboration with us to produce the highest standard of work then please get in touch.

Send us examples of work and hourly/daily rates to: hello@azurestudio.co.uk

Kind regards,


Jamie Bridle
Creative Director

Graphic Design, Web Design & Branding | North Devon | Azure


Well-Known Member
Hi Jamie,

Just to be clear, are you looking for someone to work on location at your Devon studio, or are you also willing to take on a designer working remotely?