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Freelancer required (ad hoc work), Web & Graphic Design

Important: We never do Spec work for clients and that means we don't ever expect Spec work of those that work for and with us.

Hi all,

We're looking to hire the services of an experienced/skilled freelancer on an ad hoc basis, by that I mean from time-to-time we have surplus work that we need to farm out.

Currently this surplus runs at about 5-10 days work a month.

A) Typical jobs that need attention are:
  • website design (frontend)
  • Wordpress skinning and tweaking
  • logo design (small business)
  • business stationary design
B) Required experience:
  • CSS and HTML
  • Basic Jquery and Java
  • Wordpress
  • Vector based design (AI or similar)
  • English speaking
C) Nice to haves:
  • PHP
  • eCommerce experience particularly Magento
  • server side/unix knowledge
Requirements of the individual:

UK based or European but with a strong grasp of English, we will also consider strong USA candidates.

No Indian 'companies' please.

You must be a full time freelancer i.e. able to discuss work Monday to Friday 9-5 (at least). Any weekend or evening contact will be a bonus, of course we never abuse this but out of hours contact can be very useful in 'emergencies'. You must also be comfortable working under NDA, any work undertaken for us is under our company name and you will be part of our team for the duration of the work.

If you fit the criteria and this sounds of interest could you please send me a Private Message with a link to your portfolio and your typical rates for the work outlined in section A.

Any questions, just ask!

Thank you.