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Freelance pricing - Weeks worth of Artworking :S


New Member
Hello people.

Was wondering if some of you might be able to help. Out of the blue I have been asked to quote for a weeks worth of freelance artworking for an agency an old friend of mine is working for. I don't really do freelance work these days, but normally I would just charge £25ph or something similar for a small job, but these guys are asking for a fixed fee price for the full working week as of next Mon. Also whenever I have done freelance work in the past, it usually involves a lot of design work, where as this is probably going to be tidying things up basically.

Does £400-500 for the week sound about right for artworkng? I'm curious lol.



Senior Member
Work out how much a day rate would be from your hourly rate, then times that by 5 for the week.

Don't undercut yourself, because next thing you know you'll go in thinking its just 'artworking' but you'll end up working on another project you do from scratch etc.

Work out your rates and stick to them is my opinion


New Member
Actually you might be right there, I think this could lead to other projects from a brief discussion I had with the CD. Thing is though, I'm unemployed anyway so it's not like I can really pass it up, and I don't want to turn them away by being greedy. If I went in at my normal rate of £25 ph, that would basically be £700 bucks pretty much. I feel that because they are helping me out here and offering me a full weeks worth of work that, I kinda owe them to drop it to say £500 or so. Does that make sense? Lol.
As you seem to be willing to drop your hourly rate due to the length of the job - then say to him/her that normally your hourly rate is £25 ph which equates to this ..... but I'm willing, due to the nature of the job, drop my rate to £20 ph costing this ... much.

Be open about it and don't undersell yourself too much. The chances are, whatever rate you set, they will try and bargain you down from it, so start higher and be open to suggestions.

Ring him up, or meet in person to tell him this. This way he/she can't shy off and not reply, you can just deal with it face-to-face!

Good luck, hopefully it will lead to more work