Freelance Graphic Designer wanted to work with a small startup digital marketing agency


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Hello people,

I’m a designer/programmer that is getting my digital marketing agency off the ground and I would like to work with some freelance graphic designers.

My projects are usually small business web development/e-commerce and running paid traffic campaigns. But I would like to be able to offer logos and branding as a service, plus it's always good to know a graphic designer in this line of work.

I'm a creative that likes drawing and art, plus programming and web design. plus computer science and I would love to do it all myself. But it takes far too long and this is business, so I'm looking to build a reliable team that will enable me to go out there and win business. It will almost be like having your own personal sales rep.

So I'm looking to work with some ambitious, positive graphic designers.

If you are interested in working then please connect with me on Facebook. Just drop me a message before hand saying you from Graphic Design forum and we can take it from there.


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I don't have any particular problem with facebook. I downloaded my account yesterday, I have planned to delete it for a long time.

I just never get around to doing it as I'm quite lazy that way.

But I rarely use it anymore these days and I figure it would be best to delete it, and if I need to start again I can - so no big deal.


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If you want to find freelancers to work with you don't ask to connect via facebook. Show them your website and example of what you have done, that way potential partners can assess if what you do is comparable to what they do.


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I personally find Facebook is very useful.

I love seeing what people had for tea and their holidays carefully documented in pictures. Every....single....moment of them.

I live in a small village and find the local news Facebook page an invaluable resource for keeping up with recent events.


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That's why I don't go on Facebook much - you don't know what kind of disgusting images you might see!