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Freelance Design Agency website


Junior Member
I have been working on a Wordpress powered website for my friends freelance design agency and have got to the stage where I am happy with the design. I am putting it here for critical review. Not insulting, not belittling, for critical review. Comments that just insult will simply be ignored. Ive joined other forums and designers have been unnecessarily harsh to people just wanting a little help. Whilst I've been designing for years, I still remember how I started out, so I like to show others that same respect. (Thank you for your attention on that)

The address for the beta site is Dharma Designs.

The site is in active beta and will be updated as and when feedback is given. Please give specific feedback, and if possible, a compatible solution. Whilst it is for my friend, I am working for the agency on a freelance basis, so it is done by the agency, just only me as the designer.
yo man, didnt know ur also on this forum haha :D It's Bobby from d4dm.

Gotta say, website feels like year 2000/2001. The shadow is a bit too strong, make it a bit lighter, that way the website will have "light" depth of field and will look more pro.
I'm not big fan of drop down menus on websites, again gives me feeling of quite old times, its really rare to see this today, it would look better to incorporate those links to the content of the "parent" pages on the top or something.
Icons again are really cool, but abit too strong shadow, letter press-style shadow would make it much much much more professional.
Typo size is a bit too big, especially on low-res screens, try to use 10/11pt for normal blocks of text.
On contact page you have text boxes rectangle-shaped, while you keep round corners in search bar, this makes the style of the website fall apart.
Overall kind of an average approach, did you look up some other agencies and their websites? Its good to dig in for some inspiration.
Hi Nathan,

Took a look at your site and a few questions come to mind:

1. What is your client base.
2. What do you design (this might be obvious to you and me but to the average person on the street design can mean anything and unless it jumps immediately off the page you will have lost that potential client).
3. What is your USP? There's a lot of other agencies out there which offer bespoke design services, what makes you different?

Ok - sorry I know that's not what you were asking...

So your site. It's obvious your a competent web developer which is great as the industry is moving towards the digital and away from print. Great to see you've got some moving posts in there which I imagine will update once a week or so - people like to see elements of a page updating (something our website is currently lacking!) Again the testimonial section is good as it shows you get good feedback.

I guess my main concern is you've obviously created quite a large site and I wonder whether it would be better to make it a bit more simple and linear. Most people won't trawl through a designers site and the only section they are really interested in is the portfolio and services.

The other area I think could do with some work is the overall look. I can see you've put a lot of effort into this, but perhaps you could benefit by looking at some of your competitors sites and seeing what they have done. I want to be blown away by your site and although I can see potential it's just not quite hanging together in a modern way.

Hope this helps,