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Freelance Charges


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I know this gets covered a lot in posts but I need to ask.

What is the best way to charge for work?

Do you...

A. Work out a price per job / client ensuring that you are not over charging and the client walks away.

B. Again work out a price per job but charge more than you would above, running the risk of losing the work.

I have just built a website for about £140 covering 9 pages, that sounds like a steal but otherwise the client would have probably walked away due to affordability

Thanks in advance to anyone who posts / PM's back!! :up:


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Work out a price you want to charge, charge that price.

Clients who wont pay what you need / want are not the clients you want. Making allowances will cause you to create work you care little for, set a precedent for future work or clients.

If your work is only worth £140 for 9 pages, maybe this business isn't for you (at minimum wage that works out as around 23 hours work... I can't imagine it's your best work if it only took 23 hours)

Basically if your work is worth the money you ask for, you will get it eventually. It may take time and effort, but no-one said it would be easy (and if they did they were lieing)


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I look at the project, timescales, deliverables, objectives and where my skillet fits in, where i need to learn and or where I need to source help. From there I work out my hourly rate based up information to hand and give a price to the client.

If they like the price they get the job done, if not they are free to find someone cheaper Now this last part may seem arrogant, but I have had several clients who I have given a quote on work who subsequently decided to have the work done by another for what was a cheaper price, however after several weeks in, the project finds itself in the poo, the designer/dev is not responding to emails and the client is getting it in the neck from their EU and or Bosses so they end up coming back to me to fix.

This game you got to charge what its worth to you and stick to your guns.

That's a terrible rate of pay. Surely your work is worth more than that? Fully cross browser compatible standards compliant code? Smartphone friendly? Good quality copy? Basic SEO? Accessibility? Usability?

It's no wonder clients struggle to understand the skill and time involved in this work and the importance of a well designed and built web site. This sounds like a budget which is way below the level at which the client should have been allowed to walk away.

Respect this industry and respect yourself.
Learning to let potential clients walk away is so important. You have to value your services and stick to your guns or you will be stuck in a downward spiral of doing rushed work for little pay and your folio will start to reflect this.