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free website development

Discussion in 'Website Design Forum:' started by fcuk112, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. fcuk112

    fcuk112 New Member

    hi all,

    i am a software developer with 10+ years commercial experience looking for a change in career into web development. i would like to expand my Ruby on Rails portfolio, and as such would be happy to help you with your requirements. if you have good designs and requirements ready please drop me a mail at

    cheers, frank.
  2. h_freezy

    h_freezy Senior Member

    could this be another spam!
  3. darren

    darren Member

    Its probably an approach to poaching. i.e. hand over your designs and requirements/client info and zip they are gone. I might be totoaly wrong and he could be a 100% legitimate guy, who knows :)

    But Software Developer -> Ruby on Rails is not a change in career, its just a change of language. Developers are like translators and the languages are just how many you can speak (code in).

    10+ years commercial experience and doing work for free, hrm....

    Any portfolio Frank?
  4. h_freezy

    h_freezy Senior Member

    it's officially a SPAM!!!!
  5. mrp2049

    mrp2049 Senior Member


    can we adopt him as our mascot?
  6. rossnorthernunion

    rossnorthernunion Senior Member

    Portfolio Link? No.

    Previous posts? No.

    Random Email Address? Yes

    Avatar? No.

    Offering free stuff? Yes.

  7. fcuk112

    fcuk112 New Member

    it's not spam, it's a legitimate offer. my experience previously has been in the financial sector using microsoft technologies. i want to move into web development but i don't yet have a portfolio, you have to start somewhere right?

    now i can't promise the same service as a professional web developer as i've only been studying RoR for 6 months, but i'll try my best. i have started some work for 1 client already.

    cheers, frank.
  8. tim

    tim Senior Member

    no thanks.
  9. HippySunshine

    HippySunshine Senior Member

    you guys are harsh!
    welcome to the forum Frank and good luck!
  10. tbwcf

    tbwcf Active Member

    Welcome Frank, don't be put of by the mild accusations, we are just a defensive bunch!

    I have a project which you may be interested in, but your going to have to give a little more away first...
  11. glenwheeler

    glenwheeler Senior Member

    can you show us any work @ all maybe? Free work normally isnt "free" thats what ppl think this is strange i think! Welcome to DF buddy
  12. fcuk112

    fcuk112 New Member

    the website that i just started with for a few days can be found at only the photography link works now, still need to add a video carousel, contact info, etc.

    i am happy to work on portfolio sites, but would prefer something more complex.

  13. tim

    tim Senior Member

    so you made the navigation on that site, and that's it?

    that's the catch- a second rate site. if you're going to produce something you cant rely on a flash compiler to do all your work.
  14. welcome to the forum Frank :) good luck with your endeavour into web design :)
  15. darren

    darren Member

    Hi Frank,

    There is quite a bit of code missing from your existing pages, I would add that in before creating any more as it is often duplicated/very close for all.


    You also have two <html> tags in your page, this is not valid markup.

    Line 1: <html> (correct)

    Line: 20 <html> (no idea what this is for)

    If you put your page through a validator being generous and using XHTML transitional you can see 22 errors:

    [Invalid] Markup Validation of - W3C Markup Validator

    Pay attention to the <html> and <div> problems.

    If you are a software developer of 10 years I am sure that you have came across and worked with Stack's , you need to apply that to the html tags and read it like a compiler. i.e. when a <div> tag is found it is pushed on the stack and when a </div> tag is found it is popped off the stack. If a </div> tag is found and a <div> is not the top element on the stack, it screws up the whole document parsing.

    I am not trying to be cheeky although I often come across as that. What kind of work have you done before? Was it scripting or actual programming?, if programming what languages? VB, C, C++ or the .NET suite?

    Edit: I just looked at the page again and the duplicate <html></html> tags come from being wrapped around the flash code (althoght the div's still do not match up). Did you copy/paste the flash code block from the web? An html document should only have a <html> tag at the top and </html> tag at the bottom of the page. Another good resource to understand this is reading up on XML, since HTML is a sub-set of XML.
  16. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    I hate to say this but I'm kind of agreeing with Tim (good god I'm turning to the dark side!).

    I have a huge dislike for flash to begin with but to me the flash used is nothing more than a range of plugins. That 'tiltviewer' is damn annoying too.

    The menu's aren't even that stylish plus I thought there were 4 links. Theres no contact link either although you say its still to be added.
  17. fcuk112

    fcuk112 New Member


    thanks for the feedback. i have made some changes and updated the site. still getting some validation errors though, is it necessary to get it to pass the W3C validation 100%?

    my previous experience has been with VB and C#.


    Hey I am just the developer, these were the specs/requirements given.

  18. berry

    berry Active Member

    Hey! I thought I was the man with the Big Stick?
    If the lad needs a break, and is looking for an opportunity to develop his skills then we shouldn't be too dismissive. I'd much rather garotte the hoads of one post obvious deliberate spammers.
  19. darren

    darren Member

    Your documents should always be 100% valid markup, otherwise you may get unpredictable results. bascially, that is like saying your code compiles. Otherwise it is open to interpretation by the browser.

    I re-wrote your page and made it 100% valid, although I had to remove the embed tag for the flash movie. You can use a nifty little tool for that here;

    Validifier: Turn Flash embed code into valid XHTML

    You can see the page here;

    This is a temporary title - most important thing for SEO


    Why do you have these javascript files included in the page btw?

    None of them are actually used in your page. And also the ?1256387784 part does absolutely nothing either when the file is included. I have removed all the references to the scripts but if you need these scripts, simply remove all "?1256387784" as its not doing anything.

    For reference and so you can compare, here is my code;

    here is yours;

    EDIT: Wth happened to the formatting :(
  20. tim

    tim Senior Member

    tbh i dont believe a word of that.

    your definition of temporarily offering 'free' work means you having a cheap excuse of being able to charge in the future.

    if you are a true designer/developer/whateveryouwannacallyourself you will probe probe probe until yourself and the client have a good idea of what work is involved and what is best.

    all that it looks like to me is that you've written some free code on dreamweaver and you've finished the job in 15 minutes.

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