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Free website builder

Duncan Y.

Senior Member
Actually i've been through with Yola (formerly Synthasite) but i'm not satisfy with the outcome. And then, i saw Wix (and have a few pages tried out seems to be pretty handy in the beginning but have not try more, it have preset grids for alignment i think) and then Moonfruit, Devhub as well and probably the others.

My question is "Have anyone in here tried that?" Any suggestions on how should i make use of these to make my own site? or which should i use? (I've been brainstorming regarding the contents and pages to have, i particularly fav underconsideration type) :D

I have a wix account, only thing is its not very professional as the whole thing is built with flash, so basically nobody on an iphone can view it.

I knew little about web design but i have started my own last week and even though its tricky its something im really enjoying.

All you need to do is host the site and your domain name
Yes I have built a few websites in WIX. The only reason why I did was because the client wanted a WYSIWYG way of updating the website themselves. I liked using it as it was quick and easy to get it up and running and I didn't have to worry about the client not being able to understand how to use it.
Creating a CMS can be a complete pain and teaching someone to use it is even worse.

SO for that purpose it's a good tool.

But you can't beat building a site in good old fashioned CSS / JAVA

Duncan Y.

Senior Member
actually what's 'WYSIWYG'?

Devhub is a CSS based platform but yeah, it is really a pain even just to understand how to use it. :p I've tried and i can't even get it started. lol


Junior Member
What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) Good abbreviation. Any way.

I think Dreamweaver is bater. But I also do not know any web design language. I download some blogger template, then to edit I read some articles.

Duncan Y.

Senior Member
well, ni didn't even know read the html! lol it's just that i saw the css coding and thought i would be lot easier to learn than html. isn't it? :p